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Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh It's closer to 3.5 stars.

I really struggled with what to rate this book.
I love this series. The uber-protective Raphael and the 'warrior' Elena . . .what's not to love?
Anyway, this book was a little disappointing to me. While we did get more insight into the relationship between Elena and her father, as well as get more information on her half-sisters, the book seemed to have a big build-up, with an anti-climatic ending.
Throughout the story, we are told about Raphael's mother, Caliane, and that she was insane prior to going to 'Sleep' for centuries. It appears that Caliane is waking up and is not any saner than before her sleep.
Viscious and unexplained crimes are being committed that follows some of Caliane's past acts, suggesting that she is going to be a problem when she wakes. On top of this, some of the crimes seem to be directed towards Elena and her family, suggesting that Caliane is not happy with her son's choice of consort.
The ending was a let down; almost a non-event. Here's hoping the next installment is a little more exciting.