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Slow Burn - E.B. Walters While I liked this book, it wasn't great.(It helps that I got it for free.) It came across as formulaic to me. The plot line was interesting. The hero is receiving letters indicating that more happened 10 years ago, when his fire fighter father died in a fire, than rumored; and that the heroine has answers to what really happened. (The heroine's parents also died in this fire.)
The hero meets up with the heroine to get her help, which she reluctantly gives, but he has a hidden agenda. Together, they are able to unravel what happened.
There author was able to write chemistry between the hero and heroine, but there didn't seem to be a real emotional connection between them . . .outside of a shared past trauma.
There were a lot of characters introduced in this story. Presumably to set up the sequels. However, the reader never gets to know them and the author did nothing to invest the reader in any of the characters.
I have the second book in the series (which was also a kindle freebie), but I doubt I'll be rushing to 'catch up' on the main characters of this story.