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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I was surprised at how much I liked this book.
There was a lot of hype and I am often skeptical about indie authors.

This book really captivated me and I could not stop reading until I finished it. Unfortunately, it did not make for a good day at work after staying up all night reading it!

16 year old TJ and his 30 year old tutor, Anna, are on their way to meet TJ's family for a family vacation after TJ's battle with cancer, but they never make it due to their small plane crashing into the ocean. They wash ashore on a small uninhabited island and end up being stranded together for the next 3 years.
During this time, TJ and Anna depend upon each other to survive under difficult circumstances. Their eventual romantic relationship develops slowly.
The author did an excellent job in describing their circumstances, their actions to survive, their friendship and eventual feelings for each other, as well as providing insight into the difficulties they went through once they returned to civilization.