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Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan I had high hopes for this story.
Hot guy with amnesia, accused of murder; college student using his situation as research for her thesis; he ends up living with her - - recipe for great book with awesome sexual tension.

Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me. I did not feel invested in the characters or their relationship/journey with each other.

There is very limited backstory on the characters. We are told that the heroine had a hard childhood, but not a whole lot about what she experienced. We don't get any information on how the hero is dealing with his amnesia - just that he is frustrated about not getting his memory back. And, finally, we are not given any detail on the progression of the characters' relationship/feelings - just that they are attracted to each other.

If the story had been fleshed out more - enough information given to get the reader invested in the characters and the storyline - this would have been a great story. As it is, it's likeable, but not great.