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Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #2) - Elizabeth Reyes I would have liked this book so much better if the heroine didn't have so many TSTL moments.
OMG - you have a stalker who gets out of prison and starts contacting you . . ."Oh, it's nothing."
You have a stalker who was in prison for pulling a knife on his wife during an argument and he corners you in a vacant building that is not in very populated area . . ."I'll make sure my pepper spray is back on my key ring."
You have a stalker who knows your every move and who you're spending time with . . ."How does he know where I am/what I'm doing?"
You have a stalker who starts threatening you . . ."I should look into getting a restraining order. Just not now, because I'm so busy."
You have a stalker who tries to force his way into your home . . . "Maybe I should get a gun." Your boyfriend and best friend encourage you to get a restraining order . . ."As soon as I have time."
You have a stalker whose threats get stronger . . . but you don't want to tell your boyfriend . . . then get annoyed with said boyfriend when he forces you to get a restraining order.

Other than that, I liked they story and enjoyed Alex's thoughts and actions in getting Valerie back.