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Shut Up and Kiss Me - Christie Craig While I really liked this book, there seemed to be a lot going on with a lot of different characters. I think that if there weren't so many side stories going, that I would have felt a little more connected to the main characters. Not that I didn't like the main characters - I did. I just didn't feel that emotional connection with them that tends to really draw me into a story.
I laughed throughout this book as there were a lot of funny things happening. Of course, some of it seemed a little over the top, such as everything that happened to Jose (the hero's, Sky, foster brother).
The ending was a little abrupt for me. While there was the happily-ever-after ending, I guess I like my epilogues where you see a little into the future to see that everything is still going well for the hero and heroine. Also, there are a few loose ends that I would have liked to see tied up. I would have known more/seen what happened to Lucas, but this book appears to be a stand-alone and not part of a series.
Overall, it was worth the read.