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Aiden's Bayou - Kimberley Reeves I'm not 100% sure where to start with this. Overall, the premise was fine.
The story however . . .

So, here you have the only daughter - the youngest, with four older brothers - of an affluent family. The family thinks that the 24 year old girl, Aiden, is innocent and pure. The parents don't really appear to like her since she wasn't a son. The mother is very condescending and mean to her only daughter. Never pleased with what she is doing, plans to do, or has done. Mom (and apparently Dad) feel that Aiden is some type of hoyden (just a virginal one) and cannot find her own life partner, so they basically set up an arranged marriage.
The man they picked is nice enough, but for the story's purpose, he's kind of bland.
Our heroine, after a particularly trying encounter with her parents while her not-quite-yet fiance', decides to get in a boat and get away for a little bit in the bayou that is behind her family's home. She falls asleep in the boat, wakes up in the dark and a storm, gets lost and hurt, and finally finds her way to the porch or our hero - - who accuses her of being a tabloid reporter and refuses to give much information on himself (once he finally decides she's not a reporter and lets her in the house.)
So, she manages to find out his full name and social security number (while snooping in his wallet while he's asleep) and curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to research him (or better yet, get her 'research attorney' friend to research him).

Here's where I started scratching my head.
- Her friend tells her that she needs to go to some newpaper websites and try to see if there's any articles on him. Ummmm, why not just google his name and see if it comes up?
- She only finds a couple of articles on him, despite the fact that he apparently thought she was a tabloid reporter. Seriously?
- Later, her friend finds information that suggests that he may not be who he told her he is (after they track each other down due to their longing to see each other again and he confesses everything that he's been through). She kind of believes this, even though she was able to pull an article that had a picture of him. Really?
- Our heroine has her own business, a trust fund, and apparently her own house. So why the hell is she living with her parents and letting them continually put her down? Stay at your own damn house!
- The hero finds information that Aiden's friend dug up while waiting in her house for her. This includes evidence that his dear old mom has told the world that he was dead. And he's pissed at the heroine for this. Unbelievable.
- There's a confrontation at a charity auction, but the hero tells the heroine that they are okay. Then basically turns on her within the hour.
- Then we have six weeks of no contact, in which she decides to go through with the arranged marriage, and (at the heroine's brothers' urging) he finally shows up at the last minute to stop the wedding while, of course, at the same time she is breaking it off with the 'arranged' groom.

I kept reading because I felt it had to get better. Meh, not so much.
There were more issues that bugged me, but I think the points above hit most of the major ones.