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The Ex Factor (Harlequin Blaze, #569) - Nancy Warren Overall, I enjoyed the story between the main characters (Karen & Dex), as well as the secondary characters (Chelsea & Dan (from My Fake Fiancee) and Laurel & Ron). However, when the primary female character's neuroses cause her to make judgements on what she thinks is happening in others' relationships to the point of interfering in them, I lose all empathy for her. For example, she made the comment to Laurel about "there's no accounting for tastes" after finding out she and Ron had gone out. Also, she assumed that David was the reason why a wedding date was not set without asking Chelsea what was going on.
For a wedding planner to be judgemental about who is attracted to whom was annoying, especially when it is mentioned that she sees 'all types' in her business.
Also, the ending felt rushed to me, with Karen not really being confronted about the negative interference/comments she made about her friends' relationships. I'm not counting David talking to her about the text she sent on Chelsea's phone, as it ended up being mostly about her helping him plan an elopement. Finally, it did not seem like she had any growth or epiphanies about herself during the story, as it did not indicate that Karen trusted Dex any more than she did in the beginning, which was the whole reason their marriage broke up in the first place.
I love my happily ever afters, but this really did not hit it for me.