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Her Ladyship's Companion - Evangeline Collins I enjoyed the premise of the book. The storyline is a little different from what you normally see in historical romance novels, with the lead male character being a prostitute.
Now, while I liked the book, there were several issues that I had with it.

**Some spoilers**
1) Why were there storylines introduced so late in the book? While the heroine's siblings were largely absent and only mentioned as an aside, we are suddenly introduced to them in the last quarter of the book. We are given information on them that is not complete - - almost a set up for follow up books. It was a little confusing to me to get what appears to be hints as to the siblings lives/secrets, but it is not fleshed out.

2) No contact from the sibling that was considered your best friend in 5 years? Then we're inside his head and what he's thinking about regarding his siblings and current status. Ummm, okay. It just left me questions as to the way he was handling everything. His original plan for the heroine was for her to help 'bring a gentleman to heel' to bring an influx of money to the family who was having financial problems.

Then his next thought is for the middle sister, who has also upset his plans for bringing in necessary funds into the family by marrying/eloping with a 'well-respected but finacially poor' gentleman. He then hopes that the youngest sister doesn't follow in the other two sisters' footsteps.

Why, since he is an earl, did he not just look for a well-dowered young woman to marry? Wasn't that a big theme during this time period? The respected but poor upper class marrying the daughter of a rich, but non-titled man?
Just a thought . . .

3)We are introduced to the younger brother, who apparently has a whole alpha, bad-boy thing going on, but we're not told what's going on with him. Just that he looks like he would be okay commiting murder and apparently smuggles stuff, providing the income for the family.

4)What is the story behind the middle sister's marriage? Again, hints that sound like an intersting trory, but not fleshed out.

5) I would have loved to have a little more information on the cousin, Esme. We seem to get in everybody else's head, why not hers? That would have been an interesting side story.

Well, I guess all my 'issues' were actually along the same line . . . unfinished secondary characters.
I would have liked the hero to be more 'alpha', but trying to keep in mind the time period and social status, I can easily overlook that.

If I overlook my issues, the book was actually pretty good,in my opinion.