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Silver Falls - Anne Stuart This book was okay, but it was definitely not of the caliber of Anne Stuart's older titles. While there was the 'dark' hero, he wasn't as dark as others that Ms Stuart has written.
Also, there wasn't the element of 'could it possibly have been the hero who did the bad deeds' to the story. At least there wasn't to me. There was just too much 'creepy' behavior from Richard and the father.
The heroine, Rachel, kind of annoyed me. She made poor decisions in the name of 'doing the best thing for her daughter' and talked herself out of seeing the truth many times. I couldn't believe that, after realizing what was really happening, she turned around and 'believed' that it was the hero doing the murders.
I didn't completely want to throw the book against the wall, but it is definitely not a keeper/re-read for me.