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Face-Off - Nancy Warren 3 short stories involving siblings.

1st story involved a pro hockey player who suffered a career ending injury and is now at loose ends, not sure what he wants to do.

2nd story is the sister to the hockey player. She is a lawyer who had a huge misunderstanding with her high school boyfriend before leaving for college. He is a cop and plays on a local hockey team. She has to decide if she wants to revisit the past.

3rd story is the youngest brother who has been trying to break into the NHL. In order to up his exposure, his agent sets him up to dance on ice with a figure skater for charity.

While all 3 storys were likable, I enjoyed the first one the best.
The heroine of the 2rd story is a little bit annoying, but this is more related to her age, I think, and the fact that her parents still have a lot of control over (at least) her public life.