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Memo: Marry Me? - Jennie Adams It was okay, but slow. After working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries for 5 years and then helping individuals with disabilities obtain employment for another 4 years, I find it difficult that a survivor would have such difficulties with sharing her limitations. That's one of the major things that is discussed while an individual is in rehab.
Include the fact that it was such a short time since her injury, and not only was she successfully living on her own, while starting and running her own business, it makes it difficult for me to accept her secrecy and self-doubt about her own abilities. Especially, she has a good relationship with one of the hospital staff who was apparently a good friend and she volunteered at the hospital/facility she had been in. Those issues alone should have helped her self-esteem.
Outside of my issues related to the heroine's disability, the story was cute, but it won't be on my 'keeper' shelf.