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Womb for Rent - Amanda Brian I had higher expectations of this book than were met. The storyline had potential, but it never quite lived up to it. There were several editing errors, changes in physical description of the heroine, as well as changes in time frames.
Basically, the hero was betrayed by his wife, which he publically revealed at their wedding reception. This has turned him off on relationships and, especially, marriage. He decides that he wants a child, but not the relationship with the mother and advertises for a surrogate.
The heroine already works for the hero as his live-in dog sitter/trainer. She approaches him about the position, but he says no. So, she secretly applies and gets selected for the position.
The story includes the selection process and the change in their relationship and feelings after the heroine becomes pregnant.
Overall, it was a quick read and a cute story, but could have been fleshed out better than it was.