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In Deep Voodoo - Stephanie Bond This is an amusing story and a quick read.
Newly divorced Penny owns a business across the street from her old home - a Victorian that she lovingly restored. She is horrified to see that her ex-husband's girlfriend (the woman he cheated on her with) is having it painted 'puke pink.'
She's still not over the divorce despite having left him and starting divorce proceedings 10 months ago. One of her employees throws Penny a divorce party and this is where a lot of the trouble starts. Penny receives gag gifts at this party, including a voodoo doll in her ex-husband's likeness. Being prompted to 'stick it', Penny sticks the pin in the doll's chest. A few hours later she discovers her ex-husband's body, stabbed in the chest with a stake from her own garden.
The story proceeds from there and it takes place during a 'voodoo festival' in the small Louisiana town.
I liked this story, however I'm not sure that it is actually series material. There were a lot loose ends left that I would like to see tied up with the secondary characters, yet I'm not sure that I'm curious enough to read the rest the books that follow.
We'll see if my curiosity wins out for me to read the next story.