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Don't Let Go - Marliss Melton Where can I find a Soloman of my own?
Despite his "I have my orders" attitude at the beginning of the book, the reader realizes that Soloman does have feelings and a conscience outside of the military persona he exhibits.
Now, I do have to admit that Jordan's actions bordered on TSTL for me, but I could understand-somewhat-what her motivations were. Still, despite being told by numerous people that it was too dangerous for her to go to Venezuela to get Miguel, she still went without telling anyone what she was doing until after she left. Even though Soloman had promised to get Miguel out and, in fact, had gotten the process started, Jordan still went back to Venezuela, putting herself and Miguel at risk.
At any rate, I liked the book and finished it in one sitting.
Definitely like the series and will be picking up the next book.