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Still the One - Robin  Wells I really liked this book, but it was an emotional read.
Almost from the start of the book, I was getting choked up and teary.
It was a very emotional story about a woman who gave up her baby for adoption when she was 17.
The child, who was now 17 and pregnant, entered the heroine's life - along with the father - after the girl's adoptive parents died and a couple of years after the heroine was widowed.
It was great to see how the hero and heroine dealt with the past and their determination to help their daughter.
The author did an excellent job in describing the feelings of the heroine as she was giving her daughter up for adoption; the feelings of the daughter dealing with getting to know her biological parents after being mislead about the circumstances of her being put up for adoption; the feelings of the hero as he starts to see that all families are not like his was while he was growing up (which lead him to never wanting to get married or be involved in a long-term relationship with a woman); the heroine's in-laws adjusting to her being in a relationship after the death of their son; and everyone adjusting to each other and pulling together to help one another heal.
I started reading this and didn't put it down until I was finished.
Again, great story but a very emotional one.