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My One and Only - Kristan Higgins I always enjoy Kristan Higgins' stories despite the fact that they are written in first person POV. That usually turns me off - it actually works for her books. As usual, this book caught me and wouldn't let me go until the end.

While Harper started off as an annoying person, I did enjoy her relationship with Father Bruce. Also, her proposal to her boyfriend, Dennis, along with her list of things to do related to him, was really funny.

The flashbacks/memories really gave you insight into what happened between Harper and Nick. I loved that Nick started calling her wife from the first time he met her.
Both the hero and heroine made mistakes during their relationship and marriage, which is obvious during the flashbacks.

There were several times in which I did get teary during the reading of this book. It's a shame that she had a limited relationship with her father and her stepmother. Harper did go overboard on 'taking care' of her stepsister, but her realization of this seemed kind of quick.

Harper did grow throughout the book and realized some of her mistakes - related to her relationship with Nick, as well as her relationships with her father, stepmother and stepsister.
Definitely liked this book.