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Changing the Game - Jaci Burton First off - the cover - yum!

First third of this book is full of hot, steamy sex scenes. Gavin, the hero, comes across as very...um...masterful.

I really liked Gavin. Despite his history with women, he becomes attached to Elizabeth pretty quickly - wanting her to stay with him, come to his games, etc. When she has to go out of town, his batting average drops; and again, when she leaves, his batting average drops again.

The heroine, Elizabeth, was actually likable, despite how she acted in the previous book. It was interesting to learn that she had had feelings for Gavin pretty much from the start. While I understand her reluctance to get involved with Gavin due to the professional relationship and her own vulnerability - her whole age thing kind of threw me off. She was 4 years older than him and she thought this was a big deal. Really? 4 years?

Overall, I liked this book, although Gavin really screwed up at the end. I mean, I'll give him a break on letting Mick talk trash about Elizabeth and her motives, but asking her how many of her clients she told that she loved them and how many she slept with? That was a low blow and completely uncalled for, especially given what he knew about her. I like how his family (even Mick)ended up standing up for her and giving Gavin a hard time.

So, overall I enjoyed the book (aside from the part I mentioned above). I'm really looking forward to Jenna and Ty's story. Just wish I didn't have to wait so long for it.