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Make Mine a Bad Boy - Katie Lane I did not like this one as much as the first book.
Hope was kind of a whiny brat. Throughout most of the story, she was grumpy and resentful of her newly found/met twin sister for 'messing up her life' and 'taking her man.' That got old really quick. Especially, as she was not in love with Slate and knew he wasn't in love with her - - ever!
I actually felt sorry for Colt and am not sure why he kept coming back for more.
Then the whole 'I never liked her/him that way' misunderstanding going on throughout the entire book. I realize there has to be some conflict, but there was too much, in my opinion to really think that the HEA was real or lasting. You just know that, in the future, one of them is going to do something that the other one misinterprets and won't actually ask the person what they actually meant.
And how can you be best friends with the man's sister and not know that he has his own business and is, if not a millionaire, very well off?
The supporting characters practically made the story for me. The people in the town are opinionated and aren't always grounded in reality.
It sounds like I liked the story less than I actually did. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but certain things did make go 'huh'?
It'll be interesting to see who the best friend, Shirlene, gets paired up with in the next book. At least, I'm guessing that she'll be the heroine of the next book.