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Going Cowboy Crazy - Katie Lane This was a quick and easy read.
A small-town case of mistaken identity - well, a hard-headed town refusing to hear the truth.
Faith comes to Bramble to meet the twin sister, Hope, she just found out about and is mistaken for her by the town folks. Conservative, quiet Faith is mistaken for her popular, outgoing sister, Hope. . . for all residents but a couple of them, one of which is the hero. Hope left Bramble 5 years ago to make it in Hollywood and has only been home to visit a few times since then.
The town is rabid for Hope and the hero, Slate, to get married and come up with reasons to keep her from leaving again. Including hiding her car and planning the wedding for them.
There were a few giggle-out-loud moments and Faith's penchant for unintentionally harming (not badly) dogs was funny. Of course, the small Southern town stereotype is strung throughout the book.
There were a few things that made me roll my eyes, but I didn't take the book seriously, so it wasn't enough to make me throw the book.
It's a cute love story and there were a few steamy, but not explicit, love scenes. It's one that I would probably read again in the future.
Definitely going to read the next book about Hope "Make Mine a Bad Boy".

Unintentionally funny line: "The man muscle beneath the worn denim of his jeans flexed."

Best 80's reference: "The homecoming queen's got a gun"