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Forged in Fire - Trish McCallan While there was romance in this book, it wasn't the main theme. It was more a suspense/thriller story to me, with a dash of paranormal thrown in.
You have hot alpha SEAL who sometimes has psychic flashes when he touches someone - - something that runs in his family - - and who has been waiting for his soul mate for 10 years. He gets a flash of his buddies being killed on the flight they are about to take.
The heroine is described as pretty, but not drop-dead gorgeous. Basically, a normal female, who has a penchant for paranormal romances with alpha heroes. The heroine, who has no psychic ability, dreams of a whole day of events, including specifics about the hero and his friends. She follows up on her dream of a hijacked plane only after the first 2 events of her dream actually come true.
The heroine works for the airline that is going to be hijacked and decides to just see if she recognizes anyone from her dream at the gate from her dream.
There's our hero and his friends . . .with the hero knowing as soon as she enters that she is his mate (however, there is no shapeshifter heritaget involved).
While the story does give the reactions of the hero and heroine to each other and their developing relationship, you get taken through the whole initial capture/investigation of the now-aborted hijacking.
While the storyline doesn't resolve in this book, there is a conclusion to the most immediate issues. The book's storyline took place over 2 or 3 days, but was very busy.
I am curious about the follow-up books, as well as who the ultimate bad guy will be, and will be interested to see how the supporting characters' stories turn out.