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The Mommy Miracle - Lilian Darcy The author did a very good job including what type of ongoing issues someone who suffered a brain injury deals with during recovery. Of course, time frames were adjusted for story line purposes, but it was interesting anyway (I worked with newly injured individuals with brain injuries for over 5 years).
At arny rate, really liked the hero and how he was able to see what was really needed to help the heroine deal with the fact that she had a baby that she didn't know about.
The heroine's family was really annoying as they were overprotective and felt that Jodie (the heroine)could not handle anything. I know that there was her past illness to consider, however she had showed herself to be strong and very determined to do what she wanted.
Jodie's family also seems to completely discount Dev's role as a father. They seem to want to remove him from the baby's life - often taking the baby from him and questioning his actions related to the baby.
Outside of the family's interference, I really enjoyed the story. The storyline was a little different and the situation was handled well.