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A Savage Betrayal - Lynne Graham The 'big misunderstanding' drives this couple apart after a one night stand. The heroine, of course, ended up pregnant and didn't bother to inform the hero.
The heroine ended up being set up/framed for something she didn't do, but that the hero believes is true.
He holds this incident over her for the majority of the book, ignoring her pleas to see the evidence and try to exonerate herself. He finds out about his child and, basically, coerces her into marriage.
On top of his belief that she committed this crime, he also accuses her of being a partier and looking for a sugar-daddy.

Now, where I ended up disliking this book so much starts with the fact that the hero is able to find the heroine at a house that isn't in her name, but her sister's husband's name, but he is unable to dig a little bit further to see if what she is saying is true about her 'crime'?
Then, the heroine was such a doormat that I wanted to scream. Every time she tried to talk to the hero about how she could clear her name, he would start kissing her and they would have sex. Really? If I was trying to tell the man I loved that I was innocent and wanted to prove it and he kept kissing me, trying to get in my pants, I'd probably hit him. It took her too long before she actually got upset about this, but then she shut down instead of standing up for herself.
Then he tries to get on her good side by buying her everything she appears to admire (she admires something hideous just to see what he will do).
The heroine soon gives in after this and forgives him for his attitude because he told her he loved her back when they first got together. Then, when he thinks that she may finally get caught for her 'crime', he decides to take the blame for it. He quickly finds out the truth, but there is no real groveling for the way he acted towards her or for the fact that he actually believed the accusations against her.
Grrrrr - the book really frustrated me.