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Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox Synopsis:
The hero, Tom, has decided to bike (bicycle, not motorcycle) cross-country. His sister has, unbeknownst to him, found him a partner to ride with. He's not happy about having to ride cross-country with some guy he doesn't know - - he's basically a loner and likes it that way.
So, he's waiting for the guy to show up at the agreed upon meeting place and he's not showing, but some woman does . . . yes, it just so happens that this is our heroine . . . who was corresponding with the sister (but thought it was the hero) only part of her name - Alex. But she goes by Lexie. At any rate, she sort of purposely left out the fact that she's female because several people she corresponded with previously dropped out of being her biking partner.
The hero was planning on dumping 'Alex', but once he realized that 'Alex' was female, he felt duty-bound (hero complex) to ride with her until he can find someone to dump her on during the ride.

They start out the journey and, of course, Lexie surprises him with the fact that she's able to keep up and is not making him have to slow down to keep an eye on her. They go this way for a while, without speaking due to a comment from Tom. They eventually start talking after a hot sauce competition between the two of them at a mexican restaurant they stop at. (Quite a cute scene.)
Anyhoo - - there's chemistry that both of them try to fight. Her for reasons that include her always picking the wrong guy; him due to the fact that she told him she was married. (He made a comment about not sleeping with her within minutes after meeting. To shut him up, she responds along the lines that her husband will be pleased to know that.)

Tom finally dumps Lexie on another guy that he is comfortable with (e.g. won't hit on her) and takes off. She dumps this guy due to his dragging her down and hooks up with another guy, who ends up trying to get in her pants later on.
Tom decides he misses her and, on the advice of his sister who had figured out that Lexie lied about her marital status, waits on her to check on how she's doing. He is able to - conveniently - help her 'rebuff' the advances of her new riding partner and they fall into bed (or sleeping bag in a tent - whatever the case may be).

Tom, of course, has issues from his past, including an ex-wife who cheated on him with his brother. He's the 'lone wolf' and doesn't need anyone. Lexie realizes she loves him, but won't be able to have a future with him. They argue and part ways for a little while.
Tom finally realizes he does, in fact, need someone in his life - - specifically Lexie - - and comes up with a plan to be the man that she deserves.

We end up with happily ever after.

Easy read. Cute story.
Really enjoyed the scene involving the hot sauce competition.
The ending was, to me, a little abrupt and a little too neatly tied up.
Overall, I liked it. Nothing too angsty, but not too fluffy, either.