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About Last Night - Ruthie Knox I was lucky enough to get one of the hundred advance copies that the author gave away through net galley.
I really enjoyed this book and pretty much read it in one sitting.

The heroine, Cath (Mary Catherine), had started her life over, trying to let go of mistakes in her past. This included her having a bit of a boring, predictable life, as evidenced by her getting an item for a museum exhibition by "predicting" who would be coming up on a train platform. One of these individuals is the hero, whom she nicknames "City".

As a last ditch exercise to get the coveted item for the exhibition, she agrees to go out on a blind date with the owner's boyfriend's cousin, who is in town. The blind date turns out to be a disaster and she ends up drinking more than she normally allows herself.

She ends up running into "City" when she is trying to get home and he ends up taking care of her. As she wouldn't tell him where she lived or what her name was, City took her to his home, put her to bed, and set out a toothbrush and towel for her to use the next morning.

Cath ends up seeing another side of City that is totally unexpected for her. She views him as a man who is well-to-do, working in the city as a banker, and being a little stand-offish, with a snooty British accent. (Did I mention she is actually from the states - Chicago?)

Cath sees City (aka Nev) in casually dressed and a little mussed, painting. This begins the unexpected chemistry between the two . . . as well as a relationship that she won't admit to.

Throughout the story, we get more of Cath's background and the problems/mistakes she experienced/made. Additionally, we see Nev's difficulties involving his family and his wants/dreams.

The story draws you in and makes you a part of the character's lives, giving insight into why they think/act like they do. Definitely, a good read and it is interesting to see how all the characters - not just the hero and heroine - change throughout the story.