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Wildest Dreams - Kristen Ashley 3.5 Stars

Alpha Warrior who rules the elves and dragons, but with a soft, mushy center.
Adventurous female who always seems to look on the best side of a situation.

An alternate world/reality, which includes said elves and dragons; where women and men can each hear specific species of animals talk; and in which resides everyone's twin from the 'real' world.

I liked this story - really liked the hero and heroine - and got a kick out of the cat and the men's views of cheating at cards.

The story did drag some. It included a lot of descriptions of buildings, surroundings, interiors, exteriors and clothing. There were a lot of characters and a lot of countries/towns that the characters visited. I had some difficulty in keeping everything straight.

Another difficulty for me were the freakishly long run-on sentences peppered throughout. They took me out of the story multiple times while I was trying to interpret what it was actually saying. If the editing were better, I would have gone ahead and marked the story at 4 stars.