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A Humble Heart - R.L. Mathewson Okay - so there was no 'big misunderstanding' between the hero/heroine in this story. What difficulties that did occur were minor and quickly resolved.
It was a sweet story that pretty much had it's happily ever after by about mid-book. Most of the problems that occurred happened due to intrusive papparazzi and obsessed fans.
It did have a bit of an over-the-top premise. A first-time author, who had a half dozen books published within a year that were wildly popular, one of which was already being made into a movie.
The hero, who loves her books, gets the role of the male lead in the movie. Also, has in his contract that he collaborates on a book with the heroine.
Next think you know, she is now acting (and still writing books) in a major film as the female lead; being pursued by Playboy, Hustler, etc for pictorials (she finally settles on Maxim); and is in a great relationship with the hero.
While it was a cute, non-angsty story - it really could have been quite a bit shorter. Also, some of the grammatical and punctuation errors really pulled me out of the story while I was reading (The hero gets a phone call from his dad and ends the conversation with 'Bye, Jim.' The hero has a traditional relationship with his parents and does not call them by their first names.)