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Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo I really liked the story line, however the story really bugged me.
Apparently, a newer version than the one I borrowed has been released addressing all of the grammar/editing issues that was throughout my version.

While I can understand the heroine's insecurities, I think that they were overly drawn out in this story. Additionally, the heroine felt she was fat. Really? A size 10 is not fat. Especially not when the average woman wears a size 14. And she's upset about a size 10? Ugh! Give me a break!

I really liked the hero. He was very patient with the heroine's insecurities. The story shows how close he is with his twin sister, and with his parents.

I enjoyed the way the hero and heroine's relationship developed and their interactions (mostly).

I did have problems with the heroine's family. It appears the only supports she had were her father and uncle, but even they apparently allowed her to be bullied by her mother and siblings a lot - or were blind to it - or something.

Anyway - this would have been a 5 star read for me except for the above issues.