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Wife for a Week - Kelly Hunter This was a really good story.
The heroine is strong, independent and able to stand up for herself. She's funny, even if she doesn't mean to be, throughout the whole story.
The hero knows what he wants, but doesn't force or browbeat the heroine into doing as he wants. The hero wants a temporary 'wife' to go on a business trip with him. The idea is to discourage the attentions of the daughter of the man he is doing business with so there are no misunderstandings or marriage bargains made.
The heroine needs money so she can complete her degree. The hero's mother pushes the two together so they can help each other out. They make a deal, along with the terms of their 'marriage'.
Of course, there is chemistry and attraction between them which comes to a head while on the trip.
The heroine causes an incident due to her purchase of a funeral urn, which is funny.

It was a quick, light read. If you want a non-drama read, this is it.