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Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert I have to admit that I ended up skimming most of this. The heroine was so amazingly annoying, that it sucked the entertainment out of the story for me.

The heroine, Elle, apparently dated a "bad boy" in the past and had an awful experience with him (he cheated on her and humiliated her in front of their friends), so all men with tattoos or any type of rough edges were no longer going to be 'her type'. After this experience, she told her mother and, said mother, took over her dating life for her - setting her up with 'appropriate', yet boring men.
Elle decides that she needs to pick her own man or she will be stuck with one of the men her mother picks, and so she chooses her boss. She decides to sneak into his bedroom and seduce him. However, unknown to her, she starts seducing the boss' brother - tattooed, broken nose, and rough around the edges - who is staying at his house.

Through most of the story, she was uptight, childish, judgemental, and whiny. She didn't make her own decisions and appeared to just be swept along with everyone else's ideas/actions . . . even the hero's. She was overly concerned about pleasing/kowtowing her mother. I mean, really, jumping up during sex to answer the phone because mom's calling?!? Give me a break!!

The story, overall, seemed somewhat disjointed. Several supporting characters seemed to be more important than their presence in the story implied. I'm guessing they will have more prominent roles in follow-up books (it looks like this is going to be as series). We didn't get enough back story on the hero or heroine, in my opinion, or the importance of their family/friends in their lives. It was superficial and did not help me really connect with either character.