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She's No Angel - Kira Sinclair Lexi is the daughter of the mayor of small town Sweetheart. Brett is the architect sent to get the town to agree to having a resort built on the edge of town.

Her issues: Self-esteem related to weight issues when she was young; a guy recently using her to get information on her brother.

His issues: Apparently lived in a dangerous neighborhood while he was growing up; dad left when he was 9 years old leaving him feeling responsible for his mother and younger brother; hates his boss and needs the bonus he will get from town agreeing to have resort built so that he can start his own business.

Plot includes Brett's boss telling him to use Lexi to get to the mayor and get his agreement, therefore swaying the rest of the town into agreeing to the resort. It appears that the biggest reason the town doesn't want the resort is because it's ugly.

Overall, the story was decent. While I was reading it though, the plot/story seemed really familiar. In fact, I was thinking I had already read it before remembering that it was just released.

While not promoted as a series, there is a book about Lexi's brother that precedes this one.
Maybe, if I had read that one first, I would have enjoyed this one better. The main characters' issues don't really seem like a big deal to me. And what background information is given doesn't add a whole lot to the overall storyline. Supporting characters are not developed and seem one dimensional.