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The Kiss Test - Shannon McKelden I usually enjoy the 'friends-to-lovers' storylines, but I could not get into this book.
Margo is a country station DJ in New York City. She is living with her boyfriend and is happy with the way her life is, with no intention of getting married. Her best friend is Chris and they've been friends since childhood.
Then, Margo loses her job, her boyfriend and has to stay temporarily with Chris - who is basically a man-ho. Right before moving in with Chris, Margo falls down the stairs, sustaining a concussion and ongoing vertigo. Margo is upset as this will mess up her planned vacation, which is very Elvis-centric.
Chris makes a deal to help her still get to go on her driving vacay, if she agrees to attend her mother's 11th marriage.
Margo annoyed me from the start. She acted like it was a surprise that anyone could change their minds about where they want their life to go over 5 years (her boyfriend agreed with her about no marriage when they started dating 5 years ago). She presented herself as a victim and that no one understood her. Oh, and let's not forget about the over-the-top obsession with Elvis. (A blow-up doll wearing a replica of Elvis' white jumpsuit? Bobble-head Elvis; Elvis t-shirts; black velvet Elvis painting; etc.)
Then, Chris . . .for someone who supposedly had feelings for Margo for so long, picking up a random chick and then later having sex with her in the hotel room he shared with Margo with, apparently, no thought/concern as to where his friend with the continuing vertigo is . . .ugh! Really? (Margo had been taking a bath and fell asleep in the bathtub, waking up to the sounds of Chris having sex. She ended up sleeping in the tub so as not to disturb him, thinking he would be done soon and send said random chick on her way. Really?)
And I never understood what Chris' "kiss test" entailed. It was briefly discussed between him and Margo, but he never said what criteria was involved. Supposedly, he would only kiss someone once. If they failed, they never got a chance again.
For a book that is supposed to be a romance, it really didn't feel like one until the last chapter or so.