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Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1) - Sandi Lynn I really don't know why these two characters got together. He is a 30 year old billionaire CEO who has a string of 'non-relationships' including the "no sleepover" rule. She is a 23 year old painter, who works part-time while waiting for her art to take off. Not to mention that she just got out of a 4 year relationship.

She first meets him while leaving a club in which he was being escorted out of due to becoming belligerent when being denied additional alcohol. He's so drunk, he can barely stand. So, she decides she will escort him home. She gets him home, cleans him up after he vomits all over himself and decides to stay for a while to make sure he stays passed out on his side . . .just in case he were to vomit again, he won't choke on it. Apparently, her father was an alcoholic who died after choking on his vomit. She found him the next morning.
Anyway - - the next morning before she leaves, she decides to make him a hangover remedy, as well as a pot of coffee. He finds her in the kitchen and brings up his "no sleepover" rule and asks why she is still there. After explaining that they didn't sleep together and she was just there to make sure he was okay, she leaves.
Later, Connor treats her to dinner at an expensive restaurant as a 'thank you'. Their relationship goes on from there.

Aside from taking care of him while he was drunk, and a few "live a little" episodes, I cannot figure out what Connor saw in Ellery. She did nothing for him. Overall, she came across as self-centered and immature, as well as need and moody.
She indicates that she stayed with her boyfriend of 4 years because she didn't want to be alone. She acted like she was had no one who cared about her, but then all these people were willing to do things for her and help her out.
Connor, while having his own issues (which honestly did not seem like such a huge deal to have decide to forego all but the physical side of relationships including getting a vasectomy), did a lot of Ellery. He paid for everything, bought her nice things, and took care of her during her illness. He just kept doing things for her despite her not doing anything for him.

They had multiple arguments during this book and they were all blown out of proportion. Arguments that lead to 'break ups' and then, of course, getting back together. Ironically, every time that they had a fight and Ellery called her BFF, the BFF would tell her how wrong she was.
The story took place over a short period of time and it all seemed rushed. I felt nothing for the characters and did not see any chemistry between them.

The writing did not flow. Punctuation was off, including quotation marks being put into the middle of a character's dialogue. The story was first person told from Ellery's POV, except for one chapter towards the end which was told from Connor's POV. Not sure why this one chapter was included, as there was nothing in it that added to the story, or explained any of his actions/thoughts. The biggest thing that bugged me, was the use of "to" instead of "too". That happened all the time "I love you to".
Wish I enjoyed this more. I don't expect that I will be reading the next 2 books in this trilogy