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Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey Really liked the story line and REALLY liked the hero, Kevin. The heroine, Beth, however was not a fave for me.
Kevin sees Beth in the bar he owns being groped by a man. He basically goes to "save" her from unwanted attentions and ends up getting her fired from her job (the unwanted attentions were from her boss, who apparently has been doing this for months).
They meet up again when Beth is working as a bartender for Kevin's brother's wedding. The end up sleeping together and she leaves in the morning (after Kevin unintentionally kicks her out).
She finds out she's pregnant and goes to tell Kevin. He's actually very supportive and willing to help/support her in any way.
Unfortunately, through the entire book, she pushes him away - doesn't want to depend on anyone - can only be friends - tells Kevin he doesn't know what he feels - fights every nice thing Kevin or his family does for her . . . and on and on and on.
If she showed a more gradual warming up to Kevin and the possibility of a relationship, or was willing to see where a relationship would go, instead of thinking that if they didn't work out then they couldn't be friends and she would be all alone . . . she started out alone, how big a change would it be from her current circumstances . . . aside from having a baby?
The entire book was a "one step forward, two steps back" experience. Until the last few pages when she suddenly decides that she loves him and wants a relationship with him (and to be a family).
I would have definitely rated this book higher if it weren't for the heroine being so stand-offish through the bulk of the story.